PESI is committed to reducing the amount of inflow & infiltration (I&I) entering your wastewater collection system.  Cretex Specialty Products provides Cretex Chimney Seals and other products to customers for the reduction of I&I.  The Cretex products are designed to reduce surcharging/bypassing and to lower pumping and treatment costs in a sanitary sewer system.  Click thier logo to learn more about these great collection system rehabilitation products.
What is our most valuable national resource?  Those who spend their days on the job.  Therefore, safety is good business for just about everyone, including water and wastewater treatment facility operators.  Realizing that safety within the water and wastewater fields is of utmost importance, we have partnered with The Fire Store to provide our customers with the best safety products available.  We sell many different lines of equipment for many applications.  So if you are a firefighter, water and/or wastewater operator, industrial or commercial end user, you can depend on us to provide you with quality safety supplies and equipment.
We have partnered with some of the finest manufactures and suppliers in the country.  Our vast experience in the water and wastewater fields has enabled us to know good quality products and supplies that are needed.  We have worked with these companies for many years and trust their products.  This group of companies are second to none when it comes to customer service.  Click their logo's below to see more about them, then contact us if you need more information or pricing.