Water Leak Correlation Services
PESI now provides Water Leak Correlation Services.  We use a DigiCALL+ correlator by Fluid Conservation System (FCS).  This new unit design combines the power, graphics and ease of use of a PC based leak noise correlator.  The system builds on the proven reputation of previous FCS Correlators and includes advanced features to maximize performance.

Leak noise is digitized at source in the sensor itself, which protects the noise from any signal degradation. In addition, the radio transmission is also digital in order to ensure that the quality of signal is maintained throughout the final processing. Digital radio technology means that two-way communication with the base unit is possible, allowing the outstation status to be displayed and controlled from the base to minimize visits to the outstations.

The unit features a high visibility color display with advanced software including automatic three - outstation functionality for improved pinpointing results and reduced dry holes. This enables automatic velocity measurement, multiple correlation results for cross checking and a greater distance to be covered in a single correlation. New radio outstations are available to give more compact packaging and portability.  This unit works on ALL types of pipe!

Please call for pricing.  

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